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Hi, I am Kalle.  I am a member of the Artists' Association MUU, as a sound artist.  I also have a B.A. in Fine Art.  So, sound art is my thing, but I also do experimental electronic music flavored with progressive grooves and even contemporary jazz vibes.  

I like to use lots of analog gears because I like that warm and gritty lo-fi sound.  I also like to use modular gears to make those generative and organic soundscapes that my sound art is all about.  Mainly to produce that naturally changing texture.  


I am making my first album right now, so I guess you have just wait a while.  There are some early works on Soundcloud, not so modular and jazzy than my music today, though.  But, I am a sound artist and I make sound art performances and soundtracks for various performance artists.  I also make sound art videos to youtube:  

I use Kalemanteri as my artist's name.  I recommend that, to find more information move to the page Kalemanteri.

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